Normal skin

What is a normal baby skin?

Babies are like adults, they have different skin types.  In order to give your baby’s skin the care it needs each day, you need to be able to recognize your baby’s skin type, fully understand the needs and use the right products for that skin type.



How to recognise baby normal skin?



Normal baby skin is soft, supple and silky to the touch. It has no irregularities or obvious signs of dryness or sensitivity.


Understanding normal baby skin


Baby’s skin which initially seems so beautiful and perfect is in fact extremely fragile especially between 0 and 2 year of age.


  • The skin barrier, which is essential to protecting skin against daily outside attacks is not fully developed until the age of 2.
  • Futhermore, a baby’s skin is not yet able to retain the proper level of hydration it needs for its cells to function properly.
  • Lastly, at birth, babies’ skin contains a one-off reserve of skin cells which are at their maximum strength at birth and once lost can never be replaced. These special cells make up the skin’s life health but, they are extremely vulnerable until the age of 2. It is essential these special cells are protected.

What makes Mustela works?

Mustela®’s Normal Skin product range is formulated with Avocado Perseose®, a natural ingredient to hydrate and preserve the skin’s richness. This complete line of cleansing, hygiene and care products is designed to protect the fragile, delicate skin of infants, babies and children day after day. Mustela products are hypoallergenic products, tested under dermatological and paediatric supervision, and combine efficacy and tolerance with the pleasure of a unique scent.


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