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4 super powers from Nature to take care of each skin type

Meet with Diego the Avocado, Lily the Bee, Sandra the Schizandra and Oliver the Sunflower: 4 funny and charming characters who will entertain your little ones (and older!) when it’s bath time!

The limited edition Mustela Covers - Baby Child

Download our activities booklet

To make this sharing moment fun and instructive, download the activity booklet!

You will find games, colouring, a general culture quiz and more information on our 4 characters!



Diego the avocado takes care of normal skin

Diego’s power is to hydrate and protect normal skin thanks to his wonder elixir - Avocado Perseose® - a rare and precious sugar that helps to protect the skin barrier

Lily the bee takes cares of dry skin

Lily has the power to nourish dry skin with a long-lasting effect, thanks to her wonderful beeswax - a highly purified white beeswax that provides comfort and softness to dry skin, on a daily basis.

Eva the schizandra takes care of very sensitive skin

Eva has the power to immediately and lastingly soothe very sensitive skin, thanks to the proven ancestral virtues of the schizandra berry.

Oliver the sunflower takes care of eczema-prone skin

Oliver has the power to soothe and to replenish eczema-prone skin thanks to his precious oil - Sunflower Oil Distillate - that brings immediate comfort to extremely dry and uncomfortable skin.