After baby, pamper your skin!

Do you dream of finding your skin as soft, supple and firm as your baby’s? With the right treatment, you can easily get rid of those little flaws that your pregnancy may have left on your skin!

Treating stretch marks that have formed
Little pink marks may have formed on the parts of your body that changed the most during your pregnancy. If you notice stretchmarks on your stomach, hips, thighs and/or chest, don’t worry: these scars will lessen over time, and all the quicker if you lend a helping hand.

The right solution: massage the areas concerned twice a day with cream specifically formulated for stretchmarks that remain after the birth. By activating the production of collagen fibres and elastin, this treatment will encourage the reduction and disappearance of the scars in three brief months. If you are breastfeeding, just avoid the nipple area.

To regenerate your epidermis
After the baby is born, it is normal for your skin to seem less firm, less elastic and even drier. The drop in the blood hormone levels of pregnancy largely account for this! And this is added to the fact that the skin on your body naturally becomes dry faster than the skin on your face as it has ten times fewer sebaceous glands. But you can easily remedy this.

The right solution: ideally, use a restructuring, moisturising treatment formulated for after pregnancy twice a day and for one or two months. If you are pressed for time, use a gel or gel-cream whose active ingredients penetrate more quickly. Your skin will soon recover its firmness and elasticity, and will also quickly lose any cellulitis that the hormonal surge may have caused. Just one word of caution: if you gave birth by caesarian section, wait a few weeks before massaging the scar area.

To get rid of dark spots
You may still be aware of a brown line on your stomach from the navel to the pubis or dark spots around your eyes or on your cheekbones. You probably did not use enough sun protection during your pregnancies and the oestrogens that are very much present in your body at that time have accentuated the production of melanin and pigmented your skin...

The right solution: moisturise your skin well every day with a moisturizer designed specially for new mothers... and be patient! The brown line and pregnancy mask very often fade spontaneously a few months after the birth. If not, do not think of using preparations that have not been tested. Consult a dermatologist. And prevent any more from appearing by protecting yourself with an appropriate preventative cream!

Nipple softening cream
If you are breastfeeding, it is extremely likely that the delicate skin of your nipples will be irritated due to being so much in demand... As your midwife has no doubt advised you, always remember to rub a few drops of your milk gently into your nipples after feeding. And optimize this habit with an appropriate treatment.

The right solution: when breastfeeding, only specifically adapted products can be applied to your nipples. So always opt for a balm specifically designed for soothing them, increasing their elasticity and reinforcing them without denaturing the biological film. Apply after each feed and after thoroughly drying your nipples.

To tone your bust
After the birth of your baby, whether or not you have chosen to breastfeed, remember that your bust has no muscle and good skin tone will help to preserve firmness and also ease tensions.

The right solution: always opt for a special bust treatment formulated for new mothers, the composition of which will act effectively both on elasticity and any discomfort. And also, in particular if you are breastfeeding, one that is entirely compatible with breastfeeding, alcohol free and discretely fragranced in order not to upset the baby. You can use it morning and evening, massaging with circular movements up towards the neck.

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