#Eczema-prone skin

Application advice

#Eczema-prone skin
Application advice
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Explore some simple tips to make emollient skincare a truly soothing moment for your baby.

Written in partnership with Dr. Clarence De BELILOVSKY, dermatologist member of the Mustela experts circle.

Simple steps to take care of your baby’s impaired skin
First of all, preparation!
- Remember to wash your hands before each application.
- Remember to cut your nails regularly to avoid scratching your child by mistake. Take this opportunity to cut your baby’s nails as well; if he cannot stop scratching when he has flare-ups, it will be less harmful to his skin. 
- Remember to remove your jewellery. We don’t necessarily think about it, but a pretty ring or bracelet can also scratch your baby! 
- For greater comfort, remember to warm the cream in your hands before applying it to your baby.

Now you’re good to go! You can apply an emollient cream or an emollient balm to his face and body once or twice a day: in the evening, after washing or before going to bed; in the morning, after the bath or before dressing. Whether your child is in a period of respite or of flare-ups, don’t hesitate to renew the application as often as necessary: such skincare will protect, repair and effectively relieve your child’s skin (see Emollient benefits). In case of flare-ups, just avoid the oozing areas. In this case, the medical care prescribed by your doctor will be better adapted. 

Application Advice

To make the cream penetrate, you can perform massages with wide movements, always in the heart’s direction. For instance, begin with the ankles and then go up towards the thighs. Repeat the same movement on the arms: begin with the wrists to end up at the shoulders. Don’t play favourites: for each area, use the same quantity of product, a sufficient but not too heavy amount, both on the front of the body and the back. Don’t forget the back of the knees, where red patches could also be hiding! Even your baby’s tootsies need to be hydrated. For the face, you can use a different routine: begin applying the product in the middle of the forehead, go towards the temples and under the eyes, and then your baby’s little nose, and from the nose to the cheeks, to finish with the chin. 

If you take this opportunity to cuddle and kiss your baby, these rituals can become truly delightful moments for both of you. Do it without moderation!