Five tips for curbing cravings

The nausea of the first trimester has passed and your appetite has returned. Too much perhaps! To curb cravings leading to grazing and unwanted weight gain, take a few tips.

1/ Calm down
Sitting down to eat calmly and chewing properly obliges you to eat more slowly (and therefore less) and also slows down digestion, prolonging the sensation of satiety. The same is true for pausing between courses! And when you want to eat more as a result of stress, breathing deeply into the stomach and breathing out slowly through your mouth as if you were blowing through a straw quickly reduces the temptation to slip.

2/ Keep an eye on the glycaemic index of your food
To ensure that your body is not permanently hungry, simply focus on food that satisfies it for longer. In other words, low glycaemic index foods that will not dramatically raise your blood sugar levels resulting in cravings and grazing. In general, try to eat mostly natural foods (wholemeal pasta, vegetables, etc.) and opt for cooking al dente as the more a food is cooked or puréed, the higher its glycaemic index.

3/ Include more snacks
Fresh fruit, yoghurt or compote... all these foods can be eaten during the morning or afternoon without increasing your weight. And even at night in the event of an irrepressible craving. Sipping a large glass of water will also fill your stomach and reduce the desire to graze, while also ensuring the body is well hydrated.

4/ Trick your eyes and stomach
Serving the main course on smaller plates (side plates) is a good way of giving the impression of increasing portion size without increasing the number of calories. Similarly, shopping on a full stomach reduces the temptation to grab a cake and even eat it on the spot.

5/ Freshen your breath
Brushing your teeth after each meal or snack not only prevents decay and the build-up of plaque but also freshens your breath: the desire to ruin this healthy feeling with a pain au chocolate immediately disappears!

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