#Health and Well-being

How to fit self-care into your routine

#Health and Well-being
How to fit self-care into your routine
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Having a kid means such a leap into the unknown, such a new life, and such a realm of unconceivable responsibilities. Raising a kids raises so many questions and, at Mustela, we are committed since 1950 to support you in your parenthood journey and stand by parents all over the world.

We, Mustela, do not claim to answer all parents’ questions, neither do we want to impose guilty dictates. We believe it’s up to parents to make their choice and trust their own decisions.

This is, why we have worked with the Kiindred expert panel to provide you an expert video series about some important parenthood topics. This week, this panel of expert will explore the topic MAMA LOVE, and give you their top wellness tips.

Tip #1 : Getting out of the house, from Chris Minoque, Registered mothercraft nurse

Tip #2: Embrace the 4th trimester, from Lyz Evans, Women's Health Expert, Women in Focus

Tip #3 : Filter through the information overload, from Genevieve Muir, Obstetric Social Worker and Parent Educator, Connected Parentin3

Tip #4 : Find a good GP, from Sarah Hunstead, Paediatric First Aid, CPR Kids

Tip #5 : Get savvy when it comes to nutrition, from Mandy Sacher, Paediatric Nutritionist, Wholesome Child

Tip #6 : You’re more than just a mum, from Jaimie Bloch, Child and Family Clinical Psychologist, Mind Movers Psychology

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