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Pregnancy, giving birth, first months with baby, early childhood… Becoming parents is quite an adventure and raises many questions! Mustela shares tips and advice to help care for yourself, your baby and your family, day after day. 

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1st baby care

Cradle Cap

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1st baby care

Irritated areas

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1st baby care

Cleaning your baby's bottom

What are our products made of?

We always give priority to ingredients of natural origins.

We also use exclusively safe yet efficient ingredients, with restrictions that go beyond the European regulation - already known as one of the strictest and safest in the world.

Do you know your baby's skin type?

Mustela researchers have scientifically proven that it exists 4 different baby's skin types.

Delicately soft and supple, dry and rough, very sensitive or prone to Eczema, ... what is your baby's skin type?

Beautiful and perfect, yet so fragile...

As beautiful as it is in appearance, your baby’s skin remains very fragile!

From birth on, even if perfectly normal, baby’s skin needs specific daily hydration and long-lasting protection.

Nappy change: the skin care products you need

At each nappy change, a thorough cleaning with natural and high-tolerance products and the application of a nappy cream are two key steps for your baby’s hygiene and well-being.