Expert skincare

Thanks to its unique expertise in babies' skin, Mustela’s products are safe, effective and increasingly natural, protecting your baby's skin and helping it develop everyday.


    Normal Skin - Normal Skin

    A complete range of cleansing, bath, and skincare products, designed to protect the fragile and delicate skin of newborns(1), babies, and children. Thanks to Avocado Perseose®, an exclusive patented natural ingredient, these skincare products for normal skin protect the skin barrier and preserve its cellular richness. Hypoallergenic products(2) that combine effectiveness and tolerance with a delightful unique fragrance. (1) Including newborns out of the NICU. (2) Formulated to minimize the risk of allergic reactions.

  • Very Sensitive Skin - Very Sensitive Skin

    Mustela ® offers the 1st complete line of fragrance-free skincare and cleansing products designed to soothe very sensitive babies’ and children’s skin from birth on*. Formulated with a complex of patented natural ingredients, these products have a very light texture, moisturising and protecting the skin barrier, providing soothing relief and helping to reduce skin reaction. *Including babies out of neonatology.

  • Eczema-prone Skin - Eczema-prone Skin

    Mustela® offers a new generation of Stelatopia® skincare products for babies and children: a range of 4 cleansers and skincare products, specifically designed to soothe and replenish eczema-prone skin. High tolerance from birth on, tested under dermatological and paediatric control.

  • Specific Care - Specific Care

    Designed by Mustela® researchers, Stelatria® skincare products quickly soothe and help recover your baby’s skin irritations: Insect bites, traces of chickenpox, scrapes, minor cuts etc. Skin blemishes fade away; restoring comfort, balance, and softness.

  • Nappy Change - Nappy Change

    Mustela® offers specific effective and high tolerance skincare products to be used at each nappy change.

  • Eau de soin Musti® - Musti® Eau de Soin

    To gently perfume your baby from birth on, spray this alcohol-free water, which is specifically formulated for his delicate skin.

  • Cradle Cap - Cradle Cap

    Cradle cap are common in babies. A newborn's skin, which is still immature, has to face a number of stresses. Mustela cradle cap care is specially designed for babies' skin from birth.