Baby and child skin hydration

Our baby moisturiser face and body moisturising skincare products protect and hydrate babies' and children's fragile skin with a long-term effect. With or without fragrance, our moisturising products nourish, soothe and help reduce skin irritation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does my baby’s skin feel dry?

Your baby’s skin may feel dry because it is thinner and more sensitive than adult skin. This makes it more susceptible to losing moisture due to exposure to dry air, frequent bathing, or harsh soaps and shampoos.

How can I hydrate my baby’s skin?

To hydrate your baby’s skin, apply a gentle, moisturiser immediately after bathing to lock in moisture, use a humidifier in your baby’s room to add moisture to the air, and dress your baby in soft, breathable fabrics to prevent irritation.

What’s the best thing for dry skin on my baby’s face?

The best treatment for dry skin on your baby’s face is to gently apply a mild, hypoallergenic moisturiser specifically designed for babies, avoiding products with harsh chemicals that can further irritate their sensitive skin.

Are Mustela hydration products safe For babies?

Mustela hydration products are safe for babies. They are formulated with natural ingredients, free from parabens, phthalates, and phenoxyethanol, and rigorously tested, over 450 times, under dermatological and pediatric control to ensure they are gentle and effective for delicate skin.

Can adults use Mustela hydration products?

Mustela hydration products are suitable for adults because they are made with high-quality, gentle ingredients that benefit all skin types. They provide effective hydration without harsh chemicals, making them suitable for the whole family.

Natural baby moisturiser

Mustela's range of organic moisturisers and baby moisturising creams are formulated with carefully chosen natural ingredients, perfect for nourishing even the most sensitive skin. We cater to different skin types:

  • Normal skin: Our gentle lotions provide everyday hydration.
  • Dry skin: Richer creams offer deep nourishment for dry patches.
  • Very sensitive skin: Specially formulated fragrance-free options soothe and calm irritation.
  • Eczema-prone skin: Our Stelatopia range, including a dedicated moisturiser, is specifically designed to manage eczema symptoms, focusing on reducing redness, itching, and irritation.

And because some parents prefer fragrance-free options, we offer those across our range!

Benefits of hydration

Our moisturisers do more than just quench dry skin. They're packed with soothing ingredients that calm irritation and reduce redness, leaving your baby's skin feeling soft and supple. This translates into fewer fussy moments and more peaceful days for both of you!

Putting your worries at ease

Mustela is committed to providing the safest, most gentle care for your precious little one. All our products are formulated with high-quality ingredients and rigorously tested under dermatological and pediatric control. We provide baby wash, hair products, nappy changes, Eau de soin, and cradle caps.

With Mustela, you can rest assured that you're giving your baby the nurturing, protective care they deserve.

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