Stretch Marks Oil - certified ORGANIC

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Stretch Marks Oil - certified ORGANIC

Mustela® Maternity Stretch Marks Oil hydrates and improves skin elasticity during pregnancy. Certified organic and made with 100% ingredients of natural origin, it helps to prevent the appearance of stretch marks and soothes sensations of tightness. Fragrance-free



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Proven efficacy

The Stretch Marks Oil thanks to its unique formula:

  • Improves skin's elasticity on the abdomen: +18%(1a).
  • Preserves skin’s elasticity during pregnancy: 76%(1b).
  • Helps to resist against skin stretching during pregnancy: 86%(1b).
  • Help to limit the appearance stretch marks: 86%(1c).

Pleasurable to use:

Its rich texture, melts on the skin making the Stretch Marks Oil ideal for massage. The skin is soft, supple and satiny.

Use test under dermatological control among 30 pregnant women and 30 post-partum women (1a. examiners, 1b. self-assessment 30 pregnant women and
1c. self-assessment 60 women).

Proven by science

The Stretch Marks Oil certfied organic, specifically formulated to prevent the appearance of stretch marks during pregnancy and postpartum:

  • Provides long-lasting hydration
  • Improves skin elasticity
  • Soothes sensations of tightness

Efficacy clinically tested by 60 pregnant women.


How to use

Apply this oil to abdomen, hips, thighs and breasts, morning and evening. Do not apply to breasts when breastfeeding and to recent cesarean scars. Allows you to get dressed quickly.

Safety & Ingredients

Mustela is committed to safety first and foremost as we know there is nothing more precious than your baby. To ensure the safety of our products, all Mustela products are developed in collaboration with healthcare professionals, based on scientific research, hypoallergenic* and free of parabens, phenoxyethanol

  • Dermatologist tested.
  • Made with ingredients that are formulated for pregnancy and nursing.

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List of ingredients


avocado picto Avocado oil, patented ingredient of natural origin: this oil pure and rich in essential fatty acids, helps restore and maintain the hydrolipidic film weakened during pregnancy.
maracuja pictoConcentrate of Maracuja oil, patented natural ingredient:
improves elasticity and preserves skin's suppleness.
sunflower pictoOrganic Sunflower oil: rich in essential fatty acids, moisturizes the skin.
Vitamin E: is a natural antioxidant of the formula.

100% natural ingredients