Eco-wipes kit 100% Organic Cotton

Go for a zero waste cleansing routine with Mustela's Eco-wipes! Reusable and washable, our wipes are made of 100% certified GOTS* organic cotton. They come in 2 different sizes to cleanse different body areas effectively.

*Organic materials GOTS certified by Ecocert Greenlife Licence 202118 Laboratoires Expanscience 

10 wipes + a washing net


  • Fragrance-free
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    Dermatologist tested
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    Made in France
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Our organic cotton is sustainably sourced and developed through a responsible supply chain. It is GOTS certified to guarantee manufacturing that respects Nature and People. 



If you want to go for Zero-Waste habits, these eco-wipes are a great start: washable and reusable, they can be used by the whole family: a waste-free and worry-free cleansing routine!


ECOnomically attractive:

Reuse them over and over, not only good for the planet but also on the wallet!
Our reusable wipes will help you make approximately $240* savings from the first year.
*We did our maths based on 13 changes per day and the average selling price of organic cotton wipes in Australia.


How To Use

For quick cleanups:
Put a small amount of Cleansing water or water on a small wipe.

To change Baby:
Put some No-rinse Cleansing Water on a large wipe and gently cleanse Baby's skin.
For optimal use, fold the wipe several times. You can use both sides.
If needed, take a new wipe.
Finish-up with a clean wipe and tap-dry baby's skin folds thoroughly.
Store the dirty wipes in the washing net.

Care instructions:
- Wash at 40°C in the washing bag provided in the kit. Air dry.
- We recommend that you wash the wipes before their very first use. They may shrink a little.
- Do not bleach. Do not dry clean or tumble dry.
- Iron at low temperature.
- If your wipes have become too rough to use on skin, you can find other uses for them: to remove nail polish, for house-cleaning etc.

Here's a tip: these reusable wipes can be used by the entire family for cleansing but they're also suitable:
- To remove makeup
- To cleanse your nipples before and after breastfeeding etc.
But it's really up to you... Pick your own eco-responsible routine!


Product safety & effectiveness

These eco-wipes can be used to cleanse face, hands and bottom. Suitable for the whole family!

A refill kit of 6 Eco-Wipes also exists. 

Our eco-wipes come in two sizes, to match all your needs:

  • The small format: handy and convenient, is ideal for cleaning up face, hands and body.
  • The big format: its thickness and bigger size makes it the ideal alternative for nappy change

Double sided for versatile use:

  • One side, made with soft towel fabric, effectively cleans the skin and absorbs dirt.
  • One gentle soft side to delicately clean sensitive areas and with an animal pattern to allow a playful routine.

This kit contains 6 small wipes and 4 large wipes, as well as a washing bag. All the kit's components are made of 100% GOTS certified organic cotton from India.


What is the GOTS Certification?

The GOTS certification (Global Organic Textile Standards) guarantees that the cotton is organic and that it meets a high level of social (no chemical pesticides or GMOs) and environmental criteria (respect for proper/improved working conditions, no forced labor or child labor in the fields). In other words, this certification guarantees full traceability at each stage of the production chain. GOTS provides us with full transparency on the production of cotton in India.


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Customer reviews

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