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Eczema-prone skin

Stelatopia Foam shampoo

Stelatopia Foam shampoo's fragrance-free formula is specially designed for eczema-prone skin. Tear-free, it gently cleanses and soothes baby’s scalp and rinses off easily. 
It contains 99% of natural origin ingredients, and its key active ingredient comes from sunflowers.

*Babies out of NICU.

Foamer bottle 150 ml


  • 99INOvEN
    99% ingredients of natural origin
  • Safety ingredient EN
    Ingredient safety policy
  • Dermatologist tested EN
    Dermatologist tested
  • Made in France EN
    Made in France
  • Fragrance-free
Benefits proven efficacy 430x195

Often, baby's scalp is a little overlooked. Yet, this area is often more affected by eczema in infants.
Our Stelatopia Foam shampoo is specially designed for eczema-prone skin: it cleans baby's hair gently and soothes his/her delicate scalp at the same time. It instantly releives feelings of discomfort and reduces skin redness.
Our foam shampoo also helps to replenish the skin's hydrolipidic film and respects baby's skin balance with its physiologocal pH.
And of course, it's also tear-free.

It also cares for our planet: made in France, our foam shampoo comes in a recyclable pump bottle and its formula is biodegradable!

Product safety & effectiveness

For guaranteed safety from birth, our Stelatopia skin care products are developed in cooperation with health professionals and are tested on extremely dry eczema-prone skin.
Each product must pass a minimum of 450 tests and measures.


of parents find that our foam shampoo decreases their children's scalp discomfort (1b)


of parents find that our foam shampoo reduces dry skin patches (1)

Proven efficacy;

  • Cleanses gently: 99% of parents are satisfied (1a)

(1) French study (self-assessment) conducted with a dermatologist and a paediatrician during 21 days (satisfaction rate: (1a): with 79 infants, babies and children; 1b: with 65 babies and children with eczema-proen skin).  

Benefits proven by science 430x195
usage how to use 430x195
How to use

Our handy pump bottle delivers the right amount of foam shampoo in just one step.

Step 1

Press the pump (just once!).

Step 2

Apply on baby's wet scalp and massage very gently.

Step 3

Leave it in for 1 to 2 minutes for the soothing effect and rinse gently.

Step 4

Once your foam shampoo bottle is finished, throw it in the sorting bin for recycling. 


Key ingredients

Our key active ingredient, Sunflower oil Distillate, has been specially selected for eczema-prone skin. Sourced from sustainable supply chains, our sunflower oil Distillate has strong replenishing properties that benefit our Stelatopia foam shampoo.

Safety safe for mom and baby 430x195


Contains 99% of natural origin ingredients.
The remaining 1% allow for a long term protection of the formula.

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