Baby and child: taking care of little boo-boos on holiday

  Baby and child: taking care of little boo-boos on holiday
Cicastela baby fall
Little mishaps are a normal part of a child's life...and their parents! A bump, a bruise, a small wound... Maybe that's why parents develop a kind of "fall radar" when they see their children playing. Like an acute sense of premonition. Sharp but not infallible. And in these cases, having something to treat the "boo-boo" right away makes everyone feel better.

How to get rid of boo boos?

He has a bump

In addition to a big hug, and the magic kiss, you know, nothing beats a recovery cream. When packing for your holiday, throw a cooling cream or gel (useful in summer) in the child's suitcase, it will always come in handy when you are travelling. 

He fell on his head

As you know, it's a case-by-case basis and you need to assess each situation on its own merits. Before you worry (oh, the joy of emotional rollercoasters when you're a parent...), there are a few signs to look for to assess the severity of his fall, especially if you didn't see him fall. Not sure? Trust your instincts and don't hesitate to seek medical attention to rule out serious injury.

"Over time, I've learned to let go a little when one of my kids tries a new stunt. The thing I watch for first? If my child cries right away, 9 times out of 10 there is more crying than harm, thankfully!"

Seb, dad of 2

He has a splinter

It's silly but a splinter can happen so fast if your baby starts crawling on the wooden deck at the holiday house or your child is playing outside with wood in nature. When this happens, wash the area with soap and water, dry and disinfect. Then grab a pair of tweezers (disinfected), remove the splinter and disinfect one last time. Simple right? In practice, it's not always easy to remove the splinter, especially since you must avoid snapping the splinter off . And if you really struggle to see the tiny splinter, you can buy tweezers with a small magnifying glass.

He's got a red bottom

Whether it's your baby (their skin is very sensitive in the first few months) or an older child, you can soothe their skin discomfort with a special barrier creamThe soothing effect is often immediate for their skin...and for our ears!

He has a sunburn

Despite your every precaution, visible redness and irritations still appear on your child. The most important thing is not to spend time blaming yourself but to evaluate the situation clearly. Sunburn symptoms: If the skin is red but without blisters, fever, chills or vomiting, you can soothe the sunburn yourself by applying a recovery cream frequently until the visible redness disappears. What does a recovery cream do?  It soothes by moisturising and helps restore the skin. Otherwise, if your child is distressed, or has any of the symptoms above (blisters, fever etc) it is best to consult a doctor for appropriate treatment.