#Health and Well-being

Expose your skin to the sun, yes, but…

#Health and Well-being
Expose your skin to the sun, yes, but…
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The sun makes you feel good, turns the skin a pretty tanned colour, synthesizes vitamin D. Yes, but... during pregnancy, extra care should be taken when it comes to soaking up its rays!

Expose your skin to the sun, yes, but...

... Moisturize the skin twice as often
Pregnant women’s skin is particularly delicate. In particular because the hormonal changes increase loss of moisture through perspiration. Your skin is therefore already dehydrated and exposure to the sun will only accentuate this. It’s no secret that the sun damages the skin and dries it out! As a preventative treatment, it is therefore essential to moisturize the face and body every day using specifically formulated products to nourish the skin safely for you and your baby. Otherwise, the risk of tightness, discomfort, loss of elasticity and therefore stretch marks will be greater.

... Effective protection from UVA and UVB
Exposure to the sun increases the likelihood of the appearance of dark patches on the skin. And this phenomenon is more pronounced during pregnancy because hormones stimulate the production of melanin, the pigment that causes tanning... and some spots. If you don’t take care, there is a risk of the number of these spots increasing on your cheeks and forehead, resulting in the well-known mask of pregnancy. The fine brown line below the navel may also become more pronounced. And the same is true of any stretch marks that may have formed, this over-pigmentation makes them more visible. So a high factor sun protection (SPF 50, waterproof, with UVA and UVB filters) is necessary now more than ever, also, of course to prevent sunstroke and safeguard yourself from the risk of melanoma.

... Keep your legs cool
Again, due to the influence of hormones but also weight gain, circulation becomes more problematic during pregnancy. From the first trimester onwards, blood stagnates in the veins, with the result that they become distended and the walls more fragile. Prolonged static exposure to the sun has exactly the same effect... So it is essential to avoid these two factors, which encourage the occurrence of heavy legs, or even varicose veins. In the sun, legs must stay in the shade or be kept moving. And apply a cool gel specifically formulated for pregnancy to tone and immediately soothe any sensation of heaviness.

... Remember your hat, sunglasses and a bottle of water
Clearly, lying in the sun all day is contraindicated, exposing your skin for one hour around 10.00 am and 5.00 pm is already enough to stimulate the production of the amount of vitamin D necessary for the absorption of calcium. But shortening the exposure time does not, however, mean you can do without the essentials. A hat is still of paramount importance to protect from sun spots and heatstroke, and sunglasses are essential to protect your eyes, which, as they produce fewer tears due to the effect of the hormones, are more vulnerable to irritation. A bottle of water also remains your greatest ally to counterbalance hormonal and sun-related dehydration, which is so detrimental to correct body function and skin health...

... Increase restorative treatments
While the sun damages and dries the skin, the wind, chlorine from swimming pools, salt from the sea and also perspiration do so too. So after exposure to the sun, you must provide your skin with a gentle restorative treatment. Begin by removing any salt residue, sand and other irritating factors using an extra-moisturising skin cleanser. And after drying (pat, don’t rub), treat the skin’s reactivity and moisturize thoroughly using a soothing hydrating balm that is free from any substance about which there may be cause for concern. The right formulas of this type do not necessarily need to be labelled “aftersun”. However, it is better to have a cream for your face in addition to a hydrating balm.