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Good posture for preventing back pain

#Health and Well-being
Good posture for preventing back pain
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During the 1st trimester, your back pain is not because of the weight of the baby. But it is a sign that you now need to take a look at some of your habits and adopt good posture on a daily basis.

Good posture for preventing back pain

Why? To counterbalance the relaxing of the abdominal muscles, which causes the pelvis to tip forward and increase the curvature of the lumbar vertebrae.

In bed and on rising

Even if you like to and are still able to sleep on your front, this position, which accentuates the curvature of the lumbar vertebrae, is not recommended.

Try to sleep on your side with one or both legs bent to relieve the intervertebral discs. And when you wake up, still lying on your side, bend both knees and use your hand to push yourself up, turn to sit on the edge of the bed and then get up.

Getting dressed

Better to leave the stilettos for now. If your heels are too high, you will be forced to tip the pelvis forwards to find your balance, which will accentuate the curvature too much and cause back pain. What’s best? Heels of 2 to 5cm high at most. Sitting at the computer Be very careful if you spend the day in front of the computer... Your lower back must be properly supported in your seat, your head straight, your shoulders relaxed and your forearms on the desk. Put your feet together on a footrest, this will ensure the curvature is lessened. And take regular breaks: get up, walk around, crouch down with the knees apart to relieve and stretch the lumbar area.


Look well ahead of you, the top of your head lifted skywards without raising your chin and travel forwards with your gluteul and abdominal muscles lightly engaged, remembering to keep your shoulders relaxed. This way, like the models do, you will not place so much strain on the lumbar region.

Waiting for bus

Don’t stop paying attention and as soon as you feel your back hollowing and your pelvis tip forward, place one bent leg slightly forward to redistribute the weight and prevent curvature.

On your way out of the supermarket

Balance the bags of shopping either side and carry them from the shoulders, not at the end of your arms. And trade in that big bag you always carry on the same side for a more reasonable sized bag worn across the body.

Picking things up

Always bend your knees or bend one of them in front before bending down to pick something up or make the bed. Never bend over with your legs straight: the lumbar disks will suffer immediately. To lift something that is quite heavy, bend and separate your legs, and come up using your thigh and gluteal muscles to bear the load, not your back.

Watching television

Sit directly in front to prevent twisting the torso and place a cushion in the hollow of your back to support it. When you get up from the sofa, always place the tip of one of your feet slightly behind and to the side to reduce flexion of the bust and stabilize the centre of gravity.