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We, Mustela, do not claim to answer all parents' questions, neither do we want to impose more guilt-making dictates.


Our only wish, since 1950, is to contribute in our own way to the well-being of mothers and fathers, as much as babies and children. 

We know that everyone’s journey into parenthood is unique. Some will have supportive partners while others will be navigating it solo. We know there is no right or wrong way with how you choose to parenting. Many parents can feel unprepared for the first few weeks of parenting because no matter how much you prepare, there are just some things that can only be learnt on the job.

Raising kids raises big questions. You can count on us to give you straight answers.

All the answers to your questions without taboo

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All the answers to your questions without taboo

All you wanted to know about pregnancy, childbirth and early motherhood and have never dared to ask are in this guide!

We've gathered all the questions parents are too embarrassed to ask, and asked a midwife to answer.



6 things these experts want you to know about… looking after your BABY 👶 

When it comes to looking after your baby it can be overwhelming knowing where to start. ⁠⁠That’s why we’ve teamed up with Kiindred and its expert panel to provide you an expert video series about some important parenthood topics

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By parent’s side since 1950, Mustela manufactures natural origin skincare products which respects our planet and all skin

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Our new organic active ingredients

Babies have 4 skin types, each one with different needs. You will find in Mustela products different organic active ingredients, each fitted to different skin needs.

A French family owned business

french family

A French family owned business

It all started in 1950, when Paul Berthomé decided to partner with a pharmacist Claude Guillon, to create the very first cleansing milk specially designed for babies’ skin. 

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Committed to be Carbon neutral by 2030


Committed to be Carbon neutral by 2030

In December 2019, during the UN Climate Change Conference, together with 500 other B Corp certified companies, we committed to achieve carbon neutrality by 2030 – twenty years ahead of the 2050 date set by the Paris Agreement. 

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