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Eco-Friendly Baby Products In 2023

If you’re on the hunt for eco-friendly baby products, then this article is for you! The great news is that using earth-friendly products is not only good for the environment but also good for your baby! Win-win all around.

In this article, we’ll introduce you to some wonderful eco-friendly baby products — from skin care to feeding, clothing to toys. But first, let’s start with the basics: What exactly does “eco-friendly” mean, and how can it benefit your little one, too?

What Is “Eco-Friendly?” 

Eco-friendly” is a commonly used term these days. It means earth-friendly or not harmful to the environment. Products that are eco-friendly prevent harmful contributions to the air, water, and land. 

That includes the process that’s used to manufacture a product, how it’s transported, what ingredients are in it, and more. 

What does this have to do with your baby? Everything. 

Specifically, eco-friendly baby products are non-toxic, organic, and do not deplete our natural resources — which is exactly what you’re looking for when it comes to choosing your baby’s products. 

This is especially true for baby skincare products and anything that goes on or in your baby’s body. You can see why you wouldn’t want anything BUT eco-friendly products for your little one! 

Here at Mustela, we’re committed to providing you with these types of products. We are proud to be a B-Corp certified company. 

What is B-Corp certification? 


B-Corp Certification 

The B-Corp certification is a demanding international label awarded to brands that demonstrate three-way economic, social, and environmental performance and that develop their activities with a positive impact on society and the environment. 

Companies that wear the B-Corp label integrate social and environmental objectives into their business models, working with the environment and the community in mind. 

We are happy to be part of the B-Corp family. For the good of your family as well as the planet, we wouldn’t have things any other way. 

So, with all of that said, the Mustela baby experts reveal the must-have eco-friendly baby products for you and your child. 


Eco-Friendly Baby Products: Skin Care 



With so many product choices for your little one, you want to make sure you use what’s best for both your baby and the environment. Below, we’ve provided a list of eco-friendly baby products ranging from washing essentials to nappy changing items that you don’t want to miss out on! 


1. Baby Oil



Baby oil is widely known for its various uses. Mustela’s Baby Oil is a gentle, eco-friendly product composed of 99 percent plant-based ingredients. Massage your little one’s skin using Mustela’s Baby Oil right before bedtime to help them relax. 

If you’re not sure how to go about giving a baby massage, read our article here for tips. You’ll also learn about some of the wonderful benefits. 


2. No-rinse baby cleansing water with avocado 



An eco-friendly,  quick clean-up option is Mustela’s No-rinse Baby Cleansing Water carefully crafted with 98% of natural ingredients. The key ingredients are organic aloe vera and organic olive oil. 

Our micellar water is dermatologist- tested, and cleanses the face, hands, body, and nappy area. Since there’s no need to rinse it off, it makes clean-up quick and easy! Perfect as a final touch-up when you are changing your baby’s nappy or when you are out and about. 

Also, our Micellar Water, is designed to be environmentally conscious inside and out. How? 

The formula is vegan, and all of the packaging is recyclable. And that’s in addition to the fact that since 2010, the amount of plastic used for this product has been reduced by 14%. 


3. Certified Organic Cotton Water Wipes 


Another one of our organic products, Certified Organic Water Wipes with Cotton and Aloe are designed to gently cleanse your baby’s skin, leaving it soothed, soft, fresh, and moisturised. 

These wipes are biodegradable, vegan, fragrance-free, and plastic-free. And, instead of any questionable ingredients, they contain 99.8% ingredients of natural origin like organic cotton, organic aloe vera, and filtered, purified, and softened water. 

The organic aloe vera that we use in these wipes is grown in the highlands of Mexico and comes from farms that meet fair-trade requirements. Meanwhile, the organic cotton is 100% recycled from the textile industry and part of a circular economy and anti-waste approach. 

If that’s not enough, the packaging of this product contains up to 10% recycled plastic from industrial scrap and is made without a plastic lid, reducing our plastic use by 47%. 


4. Gentle Shampoo 



Bath time is such a fun experience for you and your little one. Their senses are heightened, and you can easily turn cleansing time into playtime. 

To enhance bath time, use an eco-friendly product, such as Mustela’s Gentle Shampoo, for a tear-free bath experience that won’t strip the scalp of its natural oils like most other shampoos. 

This baby shampoo is made with chamomile extract to soften and detangle as well as organically-farmed avocado perseose, a patented natural ingredient specifically designed to help protect and hydrate dry scalps. 


5. Soothing Moisturising Face Cream 

As far as an eco-friendly baby product to keep your baby’s sweet, kissable face hydrated, turn to our Soothing Moisturising Face Cream. It’s a fragrance-free, baby face cream for daily use designed specifically for babies and kids with very sensitive skin. 

It’s made with organically-farmed avocado perseose and schizandra, a berry extract that soothes skin tingling and tightness and improves the skin’s appearance. 

This Soothing Moisturising Face Cream, along with the other products in our Very Sensitive Skin range, is dermatologist tested. 


6. Baby Perfume 

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Freshen up your little one with Mustela’s Musti Eau De Soin Spray. This alcohol-free baby perfume is an excellent (and environmentally friendly) addition to any nursery!  

It smells of subtle citrus notes with hints of rose, lilac, and amber. Plus, it contains chamomile and honey extracts to soothe and soften the skin. This eco-friendly baby product is sure to please. 


Eco-Friendly Baby Products: Feeding Must-Haves 


Your little one will spend quite a bit of time breast or bottle feeding, as well as eating, during their first year of life. Take a look at the eco-friendly feeding essentials below. 

7. Glass Bottles 

When it comes to the environment, plastic and glass are frequently compared. Glass is a more natural material, and recycling glass uses less energy

8. Divided Silicone Plate And Bowls 

As they don't contain BPA, silicone plates are a known safe substitute for plastic plates. Also, because they don't slide around like plasticware, they reduce the spills and messes. Finally, silicone is a great environmentally friendly choice because it won't corrode or degrade over time like plastic products will. 

9. Reusable Food Pouches 

Get eco-friendly snack items like reusable food pouches to help the environment while saving money. These pouches are ideal for transporting organic food purees. 

10. Reusable Silicone Sandwich Bags 

As  your child gets older, Your everyday routine will probably include eating on the run. The reusable sandwich bag is a great option for eating on-the-go. Finger foods may be conveniently stored without having to worry about chemicals leaking into your child's food. 


Eco-Friendly Baby Products: Clothing  

As much as the cosmetics you use on your baby, the clothing they wear also has the potential to irritate their skin. See the selection of eco-friendly clothing options below that are ideal for your child's sensitive skin. 

11. Organic Swaddles 

Swaddles help your baby feel secure as they sleep.To protect your child from allergens and irritants, make sure the fabric you use to wrap them is organic cotton, which is better for their skin  (while being good for the environment). 

12. Organic Baby Carrier 

As parents, we can always use another set of hands.  If none is available, a baby carrier is great to free up your hands while still carrying your child. When your baby still requires holding and cuddling, baby carriers give you the time and energy to get things done. 

There are many organic baby carriers available that are both eco-friendly and still cosy for you and your child. 

13. Wool Laundry Dryer Balls 

Babies come up with a lot of laundry!  Literally. Another crucial consideration is the equipment you use to wash and dry your child's clothes. Choosing the best eco-friendly washing detergent and utilising wool dryer balls will help reduce the possibility that your baby's clothing will irritate their skin. 

Wool dryer balls can make drying clothes faster, which\can be a huge time saver. 

Wool dryer balls are also created from natural, sustainable materials. They can withstand 1,000 loads, which is equivalent to or two to five years of use. 


Eco-Friendly Baby Products: Toys 

You know that toys eventually end up in your little one’s mouth...unfortunately. But fortunately, you have eco-friendly options when it comes to choosing toys for your baby. 

14. Wooden Teethers And Toys 

Since teethers are frequently put in your child's mouth, it is important to be aware of any potentially dangerous chemicals present. 

When a baby is teething, wooden teethers are a secure and environmentally responsible solution. Handcrafted wooden teethers will provide your infant with rapid comfort from their teething. 

Your child's interests will develop as they get older. After teethers, they'll switch to toys (to play with and to suck on). Plastic toys can be replaced with enjoyable (and safer) wooden toys. 

15. Interlocking Foam Tiles 

Curiosity in your child will develop through the months. They'll soon be crawling and exploring! For a spotless, open floor, interlocking foam tiles are a great green alternative. 

You can give your child a cosy and safe environment to play and roam by covering a specific area in interlocking foam tiles. Choose foam tiles that fit together and have a variety of designs and colours to keep your infant interested and engaged. 


Eco-Friendly Baby Products: The Best For Your Baby And The Environment 

You want the very best for your baby, but that doesn’t have to come at the expense of the environment. Fortunately, there are a number of environmentally friendly baby products in the market right now, and at Mustela, we're dedicated to doing our best to offer them. 

We focus on ethical sourcing, the fight against waste, and green extraction procedures. 

To learn more about our dedication to you and the environment, go here. 

When you choose to go eco-friendly with your baby’s skincare products, feeding essentials, clothing, and toys, you can rest easy knowing that your little one is safe and the environment is protected.