Frequently Asked Questions

In spite of all the care that goes into manufacturing our products and the numerous tests we carry out before they go on sale, if you notice the slightest reaction we would recommend you stop using the product, and contact your doctor if necessary. We also advise you to keep the product in question and contact us so we can investigate the situation. You can call us on +61 (3) 9006 1780 or by email at: safety of Mustela products has been our top priority for over 65 years.

All of our products are intended for a specific skin type or a particular situation (pregnancy, breastfeeding, skin problem, etc.). Therefore we limit the samples we are giving out to ensure the right sample is trialled for the right skin type. PM us on Facebook to know more about our products. If you would like to discover our products, we also invite you to go to a Mustela partner pharmacy: they will give you personalised advice and possibly some samples. Many maternity hospitals as well as some maternity clinics and dermatologists also offer new mothers trial doses of our skincare products. Finally, we are present every year at the Baby Fairs in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane: do not hesitate to come and meet us.

If the packaging or wrapping of your Mustela product is damaged, we suggest you resturn it to the stockist that your bought it from or contact our consumer service department (

The purpose of this site is to allow you to discover Mustela products and the brand’s universe, but it does not allow you to order our skincare products on line. If you would like to buy our products, we recommend that you go to a Mustela partner pharmacy, where you will be given personalised advice and be advised of the most suitable products for your needs, depending on your baby's or your skin type. You can find our e-retailers on our store locator on this website.