10 commandments for recovering your femininity

With the arrival of the baby, fatigue, our misshapen body, etc. we tend to forget about ourselves! But, it is essential to enjoy time for yourself. Easier said than done? Here are a few ideas.

Have a nap
On automatic : the baby is asleep, quick, there are so many things to do!

Zen alternative : the baby is asleep, stop, have a break! Read whilst sipping a cup of tea, phone a friend, give yourself a beauty treatment... and, why not, let yourself drift off. Rested and more relaxed, you will be calmer with the baby... and the father!

Wear a little make-up
On automatic : tired, no time, limited social life... the make-up disappears.

Zen alternative : perhaps sophisticated make-up but you can find two minutes for these four basics: Blemish Balm (BB) cream, blusher, lip balm and mascara.

Avoid chores
On automatic : supermarket, queue waiting for the CPAM, ironing... there is always so much to do.

Zen alternative : for day to day shopping, administrative procedures, do as much as possible on line. At home, do your ironing sitting down or delegate to the father.

Pamper your hair
On automatic : at best, a quick up-do, at worst, depression watching it fall out, which is normal after the hormonal changes following the birth.

Zen alternative : an appointment at the hair-dressers to liven up your hair cut or even have a few highlights. If you have lost a lot of hair, don’t wait to make an appointment with your dermatologist . See your dermatologist quickly.

Buy yourself some clothes
On automatic : you can’t get into the clothes you wore before, you can’t stand maternity clothes, but you are waiting to slim down before going shopping.

Zen alternative : since it takes six to 12 months to recover your figure, go straight to cheaper brands! A pretty pullover, two or three tops, a pair of trousers... That will boost your look and your morale!

Take gentle exercise
On automatic : what sport, when, how? This is not the time...

Zen alternative : instead of putting pressure on yourself, unwind in three stages: 1. Don’t take up any real sport without your doctor’s consent, once your perineum has recovered. 2. Go for a gentle activity, without jolting: swimming, Pilates, yoga, etc. 3. Don’t feel like it? Take the baby to the park, carry it, use the stairs... Perfect for burning calories and improving muscle tone.

Suggest well-being gift
On automatic : when asked what we would like, we immediately think of the baby.

Zen alternative : why not suggest a gift for yourself to parents, sisters, friends, etc? A manicure, massage at home, baby sitting, etc.

Retake possession of your body
On automatic : no time, don’t feel like it, not the right time, etc.

Zen alternative : after the birth, taking care of yourself and your body is the best way to recover confidence in your femininity. Morning and evening, give the baby to its father to look after for 20 minutes and have some real you time: bathe, manicure, firming moisturizing body treatment, and you’re on your way!

Read for pleasure
On automatic : “Bringing Up Baby”, “The Big Maternity Book”, “The Art of Being a Mother”, so many very useful books, but they keep us in a bubble.

Zen alternative : also read something just for pleasure. The latest Zoe Foster Blake , a girly magazine or Sudoku 1, a bit of time for yourself!

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