#Routines and Baby care

The bath, a special moment with your baby

#Routines and Baby care
The bath, a special moment with your baby
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The daily bath is an important time for your baby: in addition to keeping him clean, it helps develop his sensory perception. It's also a special part of the day you can share together.

Here's some helpful information for learning to wash your baby without damaging his delicate and immature skin. Using these tips, you’ll be able to enjoy your baby’s bath with complete peace of mind.

Before the bath

- Heat your bathroom to between 20 and 22°C (68 and 72°F).
- Fill the bathtub with water at 37°C (98-99°F), using the bathtub thermometer as a guide.
- Place everything you’ll need within easy reach, including a towel, bath products, moisturizers, nappy and clean clothes or pajamas
- Undress your baby and clean his bottom.

During the bath

- During the first few months, hold your baby by putting one hand under his neck and shoulders and the other hand under his bottom. That way, he’ll feel enclosed and secure. Beginning at the age of four or five months, you can use a bath seat if you want.

- If it seems difficult to wash your newborn in the water while holding him, wash him with soap on the changing table then rinse him in the water.

- When he learns how to sit up, you can let go of him in the water. However, never leave your baby alone in the bathtub no matter how old he is, even it’s for a few seconds and there’s only a small amount of water.

- Pour a few drops of bath oil into the bath. Mix the oil wll with your hand. No need to rinse. Remember, the oil can make the bath sliperry. Be careful.

- Use soap-free hygiene products specially made for your baby’s delicate skin. If your baby has dry skin, choose a product enriched with protective and nourishing moisturisers (Cold Cream products, for example).

- Every two to three days, wash your baby’s hair and scalp with an appropriate shampoo that won’t sting his eyes. If he has cradle cap, choose a special infant shampoo that will help you get rid of it. To rinse his hair, use a glass, his toy watering can, the shower head or simply the hollow of your hand – whichever is most pleasant.

After the bath

- Quickly wrap your baby in a towel, then gently dry him without rubbing. Pay special attention to his bottom and skin folds (thighs, armpits, neck, feet, etc.).

- Moisturize his skin by massaging his entire body with a body lotion or a Cold Cream-based product if he has dry skin. If you have time, be sure to give the baby a longer massage, something both you and the baby will enjoy!

- To leave your baby's skin delicately fragrant, you can spray some eau de soin onto their hair and body.