#Routines and Baby care

Massage & Baby Sleep: Simple techniques to help your little one drift to sleep

#Routines and Baby care
Massage & Baby Sleep: Simple techniques to help your little one drift to sleep
Massage & baby sleep
Are you looking for tips to help your baby sleep through the night and increase your time in bed as well?

Would you like to know the benefits of a good massage on your baby's sleep and ulitmately yours too?

Infant massage: helping baby drift to sleep

Becoming a parent has had a big impact on your snooze time, and the importance of sleep in your life balance is now highly accute, realising as well that your little one requires a crucial amount of bedtime to be in good health.

For most babies drifting to sleep can be complicated, and you probably have noticed that, even if baby is tired, falling asleep can be difficult. In these cases, baby fights sleep and will not calm down.

Tips for helping your overtired night owl calm relax can be followed to help baby drift to sleep peacefuly, find confort and maybe sleep like a log through the night.

In order to create a strees-free, relaxing and soothing environment, massaging is a fantastic technique to calm baby, gently leading to sound rest.

Benefits of massage on baby's sleep

Your touch, especially during massages, can lead to an increase in ocytocyne levels in babies, this is the hormone linked with happiness and well-being. 

Baby massages help support the digestive system and, amongst a long list of benefits, are a fantastic way to bring you and your baby closer. Relaxation, communication, and trust develop as you both interact. Leading to a calm state which is highly beneficial to put your little one to sleep.

A bedtime massage for baby

To get you started with your new well-being ritual, here are our tips for happy baby massages.

Keep calm

Find a safe and quiet spot where you and baby can get comfortable. This is essential to make the most of massage time.

Use a good massage oil

Pick a plant based massage oil that you like, preferably as natural as possible. Oil should calm and relax as well as moisturize and soothes baby skin. Smooth a small dab of oil into your warm hands before beginning to softly massage baby.

Start slow

Once you are ready you can start rubbing baby with your hands, making sure to start gently and softly, each tiny finger at a time, each of their body parts. Slowly massage their body from head to toe. 

Enjoy it

You don’t need a specific training in order to massage your baby, what is most important is that you and your baby are enjoying massage time.


Ready to start? 

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