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Normal Skin

Your baby's skin is a protective barrier against the outside world. It's a source of interaction, awakening, and emotion for each of their senses. Right from birth, their skin plays a vital role in their development, serving both as a shield and supporting sensory exploration. This makes it crucial to provide specific care and your complete attention from the moment your baby is born. Let's explore the needs of normal baby skin!

Recognising normal baby skin


Normal skin - the so-called “baby skin” - is supple, soft, comfortable, but fragile and immature. It has no irregularities or signs of dryness or sensitivity. At birth, it is prone to dehydration and sensitive to external aggressions (pollution, bacteria, pollens). For the first two years, normal baby skin needs to be hydrated and protected daily.

Understanding normal baby skin

Babies are born with an underdeveloped skin barrier. Your baby’s skin is incredibly delicate and vulnerable to daily external factors. It doesn't reach its first stage of maturity until around the age of two. During this period, a baby's skin struggles to retain the moisture required for proper cell function.

Interestingly, baby's skin possesses an unexpected source of strength from birth: a reserve of stem cells, unique for a lifetime, enabling continuous regeneration. However, it comes with extreme vulnerability and fragility until the age of two.

The distinct characteristics of a baby's skin compared to adult skin, have been scientifically validated through an extensive Mustela research program, spanning over a decade and focusing on the study of infant skin from their earliest days of life.

Addressing the needs of your baby's normal skin

To take gentle care of normal baby skin Mustela’s researchers have developed a natural active ingredient: Avocado Perseose.


To take gentle care of normal baby skin Mustela’s researchers have developed a natural active ingredient: Avocado Perseose.

Derived from the entire cold-pressed avocado fruit, including the flesh, stone, and skin, Avocado Perseose is used through a patented, eco-friendly process. This unique ingredient acts as a protective shield for baby's skin, defending it against external aggressors. It plays an essential role in building and strengthening the immature skin barrier of babies by helping maintain skin hydration and protecting the skin's cellular reserves from everyday stresses.

This key ingredient can be found in our flagship products, ensuring your baby's skin stays moisturised and enjoys protected.

Discover our Normal Skin complete range

Designed for babies' and children's specific needs, our complete range of daily-use skincare products is safe from birth. Our "Normal skin" products provide baby's fragile skin: daily hydration, and long-lasting protection.

Developed with dermatologists and pediatricians, our skincare products are guaranteed safe from birth. They undergo over 450 measures and tests to ensure both effectiveness and the iconic Mustela scent that enhances the sensorial experience.

Hydra Bebe Body Lotion

Our Hydra Bébé body lotion provides immediate and long-lasting hydration to baby’s skin. With avocado, this lotion protects and strengthens baby’s skin barrier and can be used daily, from birth*. Its fluid texture and unique fragrance make it a longapproved favourite for parents

Gentle Cleansing Gel

Our Gentle Cleansing Gel cleanses the face, body and hair of newborns and children, while also protecting and respecting their fragile skin. Made from 93% of natural-origin ingredients, it can be used daily, suitable from birth.

No-rinse Cleansing Water

Our No-rinse cleansing water with organic avocado gently cleanses baby's skin and nappy area. This micellar water requires no rinsing, and its high tolerance formula is made from 98% of natural-origin ingredients.